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Welcome to Rimmers Farmhouse Worcestershire

A warm welcome to Rimmers Farmhouse Worcestershire from Shirley & Melvyn – we are looking forward to welcoming you and your group to stay here in the heart of the Worcestershire Countryside!

Shirley & Melvyn welcome you to Rimmers Farmhouse

A Brief History of Rimmers Farmhouse

Rimmers Farm has been in our family since 1962 and was a mixed farm of dairy, cattle and cereals, operated full time by my parents for 60 years.

The Farmhouse itself has been standing since 1782 and has been restored to look very much like it would have done all those years ago.

In 2000, after years of late nights and early mornings, such is the life of a dairy farmer! We made the difficult decision to move away from dairy farming and focus on the beef cattle and cereals, which left us with surplus buildings which were sold and have now been converted to homes which the farm backs onto.

In 2014, after the death of my parents, Rimmers Farm was passed onto me and it was nothing like it is today.


Works on the renovation of Rimmers Farmhouse began in 2014 and the first job of emptying the house took around a month. The full renovation was finally completed in March 2016 and turned out to be a much bigger job than we anticipated and was very challenging!

We have worked hard to keep original features where possible – the inglenook fireplace was uncovered behind a wall during the renovations and the fireplace in the lounge is the original one.

The kitchen is where the Old Brew House used to be, where bread was made and in later years was a garage.

The top flight of stairs is the original elm, we had to replace the lower flight of stairs with new wood as this level was badly damaged by woodworm.

We went on to make the top floor slightly smaller to add the shower room.

You can read the full story in our guidebook when you visit!

Here’s a bit of a look at the renovation:


The Future

We are so glad to have been through the tough journey of getting Rimmers Farmhouse to this stage – where it has been returned to it’s original glory and will last well into the future and where it can be enjoyed now by groups and families wanting to get together to enjoy each other’s company or celebrate together!


Visit Rimmers Farmhouse

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